We accelerate the future of trading

The qualities we value at Vector Trading are a genuine interest in learning, a collaborative mindset and a desire to excel. We seek to welcome individuals who are ambitious, rigorous, and persistent in their approach to succeed and reach our planned goals.




Automation Based



Goal Oriented



Fast Paced

Proprietary Trading

We have been proprietary trading from inception and grew the company organically so we don't have corporate bureaucracy.

We are an organization with highly technical professionals who dedicate 100% of their time to solving technical challenges. We don't use any third party platforms and all of our trades are electronic.

We trade huge volumes via our own bots that are programmed by our software developers with a logic that is built and tested by our traders and quantitative researchers. For strategies that depend on speed, our bots can execute trades measured in nanoseconds.

About Us

We are a company composed of talented professionals working on multiple strategies and expanding to different asset classes and electronic exchanges around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in the application of technology and statistical modeling to price discovery in the financial markets.

We take the scientific method as a must. Work hard play hard is a mantra we seek to live by with an inspiring culture of integrity and entrepreneurship.

We cultivate an environment where creativity and purpose guide us and in return, we honor merit and commitment as our guiding principle to evaluate the extraordinary results of our team.

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Our Team

As a unit, we are encouraged to maximize each other's potential while reinforcing the company's culture inside and outside of the workplace.

We know that a small group of talented individuals working together can leverage technology and achieve the same or better results than much larger teams.

A Players

We work to develop our people into fully committed professionals; this invariably fosters an environment of success.


Our trading team analyzes and programs algorithmic trading strategies. They develop electronic trading applications and mathematical models for linear and non-linear financial valuations by using derivative theory and quantitative research methods.

We also practice risk management by analyzing exchange systems behavior.


Our quantitative research team joins programming with quantitative and statistical analysis skills to explore trading strategy by analyzing market data with fundamental statistical theories from data mining to execution.

We conduct research to improve risk management, revenue capture, and market coverage.


Our business operations team serves as strategic partners and advisors to executives and manages Vector's growth. Our mission is to build and lead a highly functioning team.

Fundamentally, we move the company in the right direction and achieve our goals.


Our engineering team is responsible for developing and maintaining trading infrastructure systems and improving software for simulation, back-office, and post-trade evaluation. We work with the highest levels of tick data dissemination, applying technology to automate complex trading logic.

Our developers thrive on solving complex technical challenges involving performant and scalable systems both for building automated trading applications and for the experience of our end-users.


Our FPGA engineering team develops hardware-based solutions to accelerate trading strategies in electronic markets around the world.

The FPGA projects are implemented by our team from design through production, building automated tests for single modules, groups of modules, and complete solutions.

Our Culture

How we get there is as important as where we are going

Fast Expansion and Ground Floor Opportunity

Join us at the perfect time and let our growth be your success story. Our company has consistently experienced self-sustained growth at extraordinary rates since our founding in 2014.

Personal Culture

We foster a family-like environment around the office where we support each other and our team's success.


We are consistently researching new ideas, applying them to the markets, verifying their effectiveness, executing and going straight back to research. This methodology ensures the effectiveness of our strategies.

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